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In the past three decades, there have been remarkable changes in the planet earth. With the invention of hand held devices, super computers, aircrafts and automobiles to the discoveries of new particles, planet, stars, creatures and theories that affect our daily lives now. We live in a new era of mankind where many different breakthroughs and events have occurred. We have experienced and advanced many systems that were fairy tale some time. Human imaginations and science fiction that were limited only in films and animations have become reality now. Office desks, living room, restaurants and bars all have been modernized. We hold the technology that was used in Apollo mission to Moon in our hand these days. We tweet, update facebook stats, take pictures, read news, stay online, track locations with a hand-held smart devices.

I was talking to some elderly few weeks earlier about new technologies and how far we have reached now. I showed them that we can do many different things within our hand. They enjoyed having such thing and were very happy about how it is changing human life. Now, they don’t have to go at stationary to buy newspapers, atlas, some novel and religious books. With the technology they can video call with people far-far away and take pictures without even carrying extra camera, lens and photo tape. They enjoyed playing with it like a kid does with new playing stuff. But after a while they started raising questions – so, people are happier now? What will you do with this device after couple of years? So what are new kids playing these days, do they spend more time with these devices? How are grownups affected with this? And so on. There was bombarding of questions one after another. I could answer all the questions and for most of them there was only one repetitive word: SMART. As I was explaining them that we are getting smarter and smarter every day and we need to be smart enough to work with the smart people living in this smart world by doing things smartly and smart device just helps to do things in a smart way. So, we have become SMART.

WordWeb defines Smart like this:
As a noun: “A kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore”
And as a verb: “Be a source of pain”

Recent research on college students and some working professional have shown that with the use of smart phones in their daily lives they have become more prone to disease and pain. It has affected their personal as well as professional life. It has brought stress and fatigue. In the research, there were two set of people, one set of people were asked to use smart device for a week at almost every places they go and the other set were limited to use it only when required. The result showed that when they were allowed to use it rigorously there were less brain activities compared to the once who had limited access. This shows that, the ones with limited access were more brainer than the ones dependent on the smart device.

Our brain is composed of 10% neuron and 90% glial cells (the supporting cell also known as glia or neuroglia). Over the centuries we have been holding the myth that we use very few percentage of our brain. To, be precise we have not been able to use even 10% of our brain’s capacity. This is wrong; over the ages, brain’s activities were only measured at neuron cells but the main supporting cell which holds 90% of overall brain cell was skipped and we say that we have not been able to use at its ultimate capacity. In fact, we use brain (including neurons and glial) higher than 10% of its capacity. We already know that our brain keeps on processing trillions of things on trillions of cells every second without us even knowing about it. We call it subconscious mind which is way much faster than any smart devices humans have ever built. So, we as human are already made smarter than any smart devices that exist today. But we don’t know how it works and how it can perform so many tasks within a fraction of second.

We measure smart devices on its processing speed, memory, camera and usability. We are so much touched with these devices that we can’t do anything without it these days. Smart devices have revolutionized the technology. Human life has changed a lot with these devices and we say that we have become smart using smart devices. But, in the course of getting smarter every day we are losing some of the precious moments of our life. We don’t talk to people like our elders used to do in their time. We are more attached with the 150-200 gram device these days and we call ourselves smart people. We are dependent on the automated device more than our beloved. Holding a smart device gives an image of smart people these days. Smart is measured not in terms of how smart we really are but how smartly and smoothly we can use such devices/technologies.

Getting smart and being smart isn’t about how you present yourself to the world or how you are able to use new devices, new technologies and how you are updated with latest trends and gadgets. It is how you understand yourself and do things to know it better. It is how prompt you are to every situation. It is how you make decisions to quit bad habits, and live a healthy life. It is getting things right with less effort, speaking right and authentic, planning for bright future. It is about choosing the right partner and having a good family plan. And it is about buying a good phone and using it in the right place and at the right time. We all are made smartly and we are smart. It does not require to be contingent with any other.