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“He was a wise man who invented beer” – Plato

Who first invented beer? No one knows and the above quote is one of the most controversial quotes as it has a semblance of authenticity and there is no evidence that can provide further substantiation on it. There is a wiki page on Beer where someone has done a good research on it speculating its origin dating back to at least the 5th millennium BC. (Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_beer) which gives a notion that it existed even before Socrates and Plato.

“Eat the mangoes, don’t count the trees”

Last Friday I had a good time having beer with some of my best buddies to enjoy on International Beer Day. It has become a trend here to celebrate and enjoy the weekend with a slogan ‘TGIF’. There are many places to hangout on Friday and  ‘Thamel‘ is one of the most happening places when it comes to Friday eve. Almost all the pubs and the bars will have live bands playing some soothing jazz, alternative, blues, reggae and slow rock to create pleasant-sounding environment for the people like us who just want to hang around and get drunk.

Drinking beer is good when we drink it up to the limit. A research suggested that drinking two bottles of beer is good for health and to get in a mood. Any extra beer will start to contaminate our blood and we get intoxicated, elated and besotted. The problem is: when we start to get into the state then two bottles of beer will not be enough to add extra feelings into it. We unknowingly and unintentionally (:P) start to drink more and more and when it is time to leave, we are fully wasted but we manage to act as a sober fresh guy. A strange chemical reaction goes around our body which makes us refreshed (as if we are not drunk and good) at the moment when we realize that we have to go home. I’ve had such experiences lots of times and those nights I have gone home, opened the door and talked to the family members like normal (as far as I remember) and I’ve not been sure what really had happened those nights.

And here is the worst part to it, the next day – ‘Hangover’.

A wise man said – “Do the doing and don’t expect anything”. I tried to imply this into my drinking but I failed. There are many people who follow the path of others; they do what the others ask them to do. They are the followers and they get wasted most of the times like me in the bar last night. A single theory does not imply on every aspect of our life and I suggest you not to follow the theory. Drink in limit, enjoy the moment and get a sound sleep. Don’t just do the doing and consider the consequences you’ll have to bear after.

To all the beer lovers, here are some things to consider based on my experience:

1. If you ever want to enjoy the real taste of beer (how good it really tastes), go for a long walk or a hike first, get some sweat and then have a chilled (very chilled) beer. A thing not to do – don’t drink water before that.

2. Go to pub/bar where people play some good music (especially blues, slow rock, jazz and alternative) grab some beer and remember the note they play in each bar.

3. Grab some spicy, hot and high protein food with beer.

4. If you don’t want to get drunk and want to prevent hangover the next day by drinking more beer, then have a glass of water or lemon sprite after every beer. In most of the cases you lose hangover after every pee. But this won’t help if you’ve already had more than 3 bottles.

5. Don’t do cocktails (drinking wine/whisky/brandy/vodka) with beer. Some people like to enjoy submarine (adding tequila in the beer and bottoms-up). And if you want to try it out then do it in some night-outs when you don’t have to go home.

6. If you are a musician or music lover then simple head banging will help to get the metabolism out from the body as a part of sweating to help you Detoxicate. This way you get to enjoy the night and have fewer hangovers the other day.

7. There are people who have a good gut and stamina that they can drink more beers than you. Don’t compete with such people and drink to your limit. Don’t do bottoms up when you are already down to two bottles.

8. Drink safe, enjoy the day and enjoy the body. Don’t harm your body by drinking more than your body can resist.

9. And last but not the least “Drink Beer Fuck Fear”.