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There was a time in my life when I had lots of friends to hang around. There wasn’t a single day when I had to think about making plans for the weekend. Whether it was at the office or outside it didn’t make any difference as there were colleagues who always made a fun filled working environment. It was a daily routine: reach the office, roam around every cubicle for handshake and start the day. I used to check all the mails at home so I usually had some time to enjoy office banter within the cubicle while most of the others would be on their desk checking mails and making checklist/to-dos for that day. After about an hour or so when everyone had arrived, there used to be a group chat and we set out for some tea & smoke break where we chin-wagged and started complaining about the company where we worked, our dissatisfaction with management, director’s behavior and give some gibberish thoughts on improvement. I spent almost 6 years of my career this way and I believe almost all new comers will realize this one day and comprehend this.

We don’t value things when we have them with us: it’s the moment when we lose them we start reminiscing and feel their importance in our life. We think as -“I was much better than how I’am here now”, “I shouldn’t have let him/her go”, “It would have made my life better but now it’s gone”… I had such feelings after I left the office and joined a new one where everything had to be started from the scratch. It took a long time to create such a homely environment. It would never be the same but we’re trying to create life into it.

I met a long lost friend today after almost a decade. We used to hang around near Radar (opposite to TIA, Nepal) when we were kids. She had changed a lot: new life, new place, new people and obviously a perfect guy (who is a good friend of mine as well). I enjoyed a lot today, talking about life, happiness, love, sex and religion. There are very few people whom I share such things with and she’s one of them and will always be. The day made us both nostalgic, talking about past life – sarcasm, flirt, postman and the top of all ‘NDE’. Time flies so fast that when we realize its motion it is too late and we get stuck by theologies and theories of life.

“Sleight of hand and twist of fate” things would have been different if I had told her …. that day “WTF Man”. I could not or I did not, but this is the fate God had bestowed upon me.

I realized today that office work space, college, university and institute are places where we get some time for refreshment. A different world and a different story, a resumed story that was left hibernated the previous day which is resumed the very day again. We live a different life at different places and hold a distinct image simultaneously. We go for a walk, visit the temple, have some coffee at the nearest café/restaurant so that we can get sometime for ourselves to revitalize and re-energize, come back to life and be with it.

Things don’t turn around our way; no matter how hard we try leaving no stones unturned. But this is life, and my life has to go this way and the story of you, me and us will prevail till the end of my life.

God Bless “Shi……”!!!