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How you eat determines your whole personality. How you grab the food, how much you consume in a single bite depicts your behavior and traits. There are varied thoughts on what you will do when you’re served with one of your favorite dishes and there are five people to share with. This is a recent research that I have been doing among very few people, which might not be very accurate but it might help someone to know other’s character by just analyzing how other eats.

This is not a new approach, and still there are people who know about this a lot better than how I‘ve listed here. There is a famous oral history about Prithvi Narayan Shah. One day before the unification of Nepal, he was having dinner. An old woman gazed upon the way he was grabbing food. She could not resist and advised him- “If you try to grab food from the center without taking care of those on the edge all you get is hot burn. Start from the edges, slowly finish the surroundings and you’ll get the center. Don’t rush.” It might not be the exact words but it was something similar and the moment when he realized the way of eating he applied the same for the unification of Nepal (Kantipur as the target midpoint) by conquering the surrounding kingdoms and made it the single Nation ‘Nepal’. There are lots of myths about this but I am trying to focus on the depiction of personal characters by the way you eat food.

We come across with different types of people from varied social and cultural backgrounds and it will be hard for us to become acquainted with such people. Some tend to be so friendly, funny and easy going where the rest give us a notion of distrust but still portray the appearance of being friendly. It’s a hard job to judge others at a glance. But there are factors that help us to analyze.

Go for a lunch or a dinner with your friend or colleague. If you want to know more about them or to check if he/she can be reliable and trustworthy and to know their personality I’ve few points that you can use for analysis:

  1. Order some food and ask what he/she prefers. If the answer is – same as you, the person is easy going / is nervous / doesn’t know what to order and in many cases they never like to take initiative and will remain stagnant most of the time. At work they are never satisfied but can’t reach out and talk to the supervisor about the issue.
  2. If you are in a group, keep your eyes wide open to see who takes the first bite. This type of person likes leadership and they prefer to have a control over others. They have a good taste of food and good source of information at work as well.
  3. There are people who want more and more. They often look at what others are having and want to taste it as well. They have a feeling that the “other person might empty the whole food and I won’t be able to taste it” They often chew less and try to grab more and more and might be the reason they are often lean and skinny. They want what others are having and never get satisfied with what they have. At work this type of person will always create problem. They try to grasp every opportunity to remain in good books of his/her manager and are never liked by their fellow colleagues. They are dirty and have some dirty habits as well.
  4. And there are some nice people who ask for you to take some from their table: “Would you like to have some? Have you tried this item, it is one of my best food” This type of people are very charming and have a good sense of humor as well. They are very social and they would live a very happy life, be it personal or professional. This type of people gives priority to others as well when making decision which could sometimes create hurdle in professional growth where leadership is required.
  5. There are people who place orders on their own and don’t look after others. They don’t like to grasp others item and they look satisfied with what they have. This type of people are often left out in a circle, they speak less and are often genius. If you spend some time with this guy you will know the mystery behind. It’s hard to find this type of people, they are rare. At work, they are creative and like to do thing in a different way (which their fellow or manager will never like) and get shadowed almost all the time. These type of people turn into philosophers/writers/poets and even scientists in some cases.
  6. Some are voracious eaters and they complete a meal in less than a minute while there are others who take 5 or more. [Food must be chewed properly, mixed up with saliva and swallowed so that it gets digested easily] These type of people are either thin or fat but they tend to have same problem – gastritis . At work they tend to do many things at once. They want to be jack of all but the misery they are never good at a single task.
  7. Some are so nervous and shy that they take their first bite only after seeing/analyzing others, how they grab and eat the food. This type of person are always reserved and introvert they never speak up in a circle.
  8. Few people take a bite and starts chewing and chewing. They take a long time to eat any meal. This type of people like to listen to others, they know a lot but they tend to hear from others first. They speak only after a complete analysis on anything. They often give a good advice and suggestion when it comes to taking decision. To my surprise this type of people mostly have a huge Adam’s apple. Be aware of such people they want to hear everything from you but they never allow you to know about themselves. They pretend to be very friendly but deep down they aren’t.
  9. And finally there are few who know all this and try to implement one that suits them. They always want to change themselves and get sick. They think a lot while eating which creates butterflies in the stomach. You can search over internet about the relation (adrenaline – dopamine – endorphins). Research ongoing on this type of person …

If I could offer you an advice then don’t change your way of eating right away, just sit back and think over the above 9 points that I have listed for a week and feel the difference. I’m not an expert and I might be wrong.