It was a bright sunny day and I was holding a guitar on my hand. There were birds chirping and kids nagging their parents making a good rhythm in ‘D’. I tried to improvise on some pentatonic and it lasted for a quarter-hour. It sounded like ‘Hey Jude’ after 03:50, but in ‘D-Bm-G-A’. The part when Paul and Lennon cry in the end was pretty similar to the sound of the kids. How I wish I’d recorded the beat, the sound and the melody and obviously the lyrics that day. I could have shared with my friends on Facebook.

There are moments in life when we don’t need anything to cherish. All we need is a wider view of the environment we live in. Like a wide lens in a full frame sensor [24mm x 36mm] than a 24mm lens in a crop factor sensor [1.3x/1.5x/1.6x]. For a photo enthusiast or a photographer these terms are very common where for a newbie or general people it’s like a jargon. The thing is, the choice of narrowed view vs a wider view and depends upon what we prefer.

We keep searching for pleasure & peace, finding things that make us feel relaxed and calm but we end up pretending to be pleased and cherished with unhappy and contended soul; some spend the whole life searching, reading and reciting. Only, few know the truth and they don’t seek for the precise moment, every moment is joyful for them. They live life as it is bestowed and don’t expect more from it. But to their fortune, they get more and more and are happy, blissful and cherished all the time.

There are a lot of things laying around us that we’ve overlooked or never put a second thought onto it. If we could just ‘breathe’ and live with it, the moment brings cheers and bliss with every bits of it. Try it once. Make it a habit and see the change grooming. It takes time, we might not be aware of it but trust me, and it’ll put no harm on you. We search for the love of life, and ponder about it all the time and never know that we are missing someone who really cared and loved deep inside. Just relax, take some time to think out of the box and breathe.

I was upset that day, so I thought to go out on balcony and play some music that I have learned so far. The very short moment was so much relaxing and rejuvenating that it helped ease the pain. I’ll follow it if I ever get irritated and frustrated from life now on. Hope it will bring a different rhythm and a different note next time.

I wonder how musicians create new music, sound and a perfect melody. They are artists and they have different means to express their artistic natures. I thought for a moment if I was an artist that day. It was the moment in my life when I really enjoyed playing guitar with nature pouring its sound on me and people making a good rhyme over it. May be someday I’ll be able to recall the sound and share with my friends all over.

Be an artist someday, let your feelings sprout and grow and feel the moment with a long deep ‘Breathe’.

Till next time . . .