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It’s hard and cumbersome for us to try new things; it’s complicated when the thing is beyond our limit. Sometime we fail and rarely do we succeed. We all might have come across such situations in life many times and there is no need to enlighten it further.
I have come across such hurdle and troublesome situation many times, that now I feel have I had left it in the middle of nowhere then it would have erased from my memories forever. It’d have gone away.
No man is perfect and so is a community, a society and a country as a whole. People say we learn new things everyday and if it’s not, then we feel as if we haven’t learned new things the very day. Just relax and think what you didn’t do the whole day, try to re-call the entire day event and there isn’t anything that was similar as before. We knowingly or unknowingly do new things, learn new techniques, new technology, new gadgets everyday and in every aspect of our life.
I am not a good student (I’m a student now pursuing my Masters) with high marks and good Certificate. But I have learned that to get good number and a Quality Certificate, I ought to work hard than what I have been doing now. I’m not a good employee a high performer at workplace, but I have learned how people manage to become one of those and what I should do be one of those. I’m not a good photographer, but I have learned how to take pictures at different place and different situations. I’m not a Computer Engineer but I’ve learned how hard it is to be a good CE, though I have seen very few at the workplace :P. I’m not a good guitar player but I have learned how people compose good music. I’m not a good hiker, a trekker but I know what it takes to become one. I’m not a good writer, a good public speaker(I have glossophobia) but I have come across those situation and have learned a lot to become one of those.
Now I feel and I am proud to say that I have learned a lot. So, what about you?