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Some good-old days will never come back
As the days pass by
Bewildering melodies deceives all I have
Intimate soul-mate turns a fairy tale
Time will tell and time will heal

Anguish word flows
In the ocean of joy
Warped by time; mingled with misdeeds

In the Air I blow, a message to flow
Long you go
Long you fly
Allow my voice to reach you by

Love you always, love you why?
Wonders me dear why do I?
Ask you never why you ‘Bye’

Years gone by
So are nights
Lost in thoughts how long will I?

Obsessed by the infatuation
Vibrant-colorful dreadful imaginations
Erroneous deeds, unintentional decisions, and erotic thoughts now I comprehend
You Can’t Always Get What You Want !!!