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Time is the healer

Time moves on

Time doesn’t wait for anyone

You tell you’ll be back

But that will take some time …..I’m waiting …..

Gone are the days when we use to be together

Here are the days when I live to get older

The past is gone;

And the End is always near,

You say we’ll be together

A time when we pretend to be younger

Stories that will bring more anger

The Joy and happiness that won’t last any longer

Alas you’re gone,

Hopes and dreams shattered like a stone

Never mind friend life needs to move on

And Here I say

Your memories will cherish so long

With the days and the time that we passed

Along !!!!

And It was a great pleasure to meet Monica on the way to Daman.


Thank you so much for the Austrian Sacher Torte!!!

Thank you !!!