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I used to be a shy, introvert, arrogant, attitude at times and a clumsy guy all the time and Pessimistic as well. People at this age must have done a lot of things in life; they must have been in a great position, a great person that everybody wanted to be, have achieved all the glory of life, some are happy with their certificates(high marks), good job and happy married life(time will tell though;)).
When I look back, where am I? Is this what I wanted? Where do I fit? What should I be doing that fits me best? And a big question “have I had enjoyed the life?” People say I think too much, let them think (baal malai in eng- “who cares”, “let it be”). There are always two side of a people; one that he/she portrays at home to the family and one with the circle(be it friends, colleagues, brother-sisters and public).
I’m not sure but most of us might have thought this way as well, we might have come across these gibberish things.
Some gibberish thoughts I usually get when I look back:-

Being with children takes your journey to the next level you’ve never imagined of:-

With all the thoughts, dreams and planning comes to an end with the dawn of the rising sun

And the morning dew that takes your day to the nextlevel

Wish I could live my life this way

Wish I could hold you and walk along

Or if I could capture you in my paintings

With every drops wish I could make a dream lake someday

Wish I could live in a place where I can have peace and rejoice every moment

But with every cup of tea

What if Life turns out to be a different thing:

But in the end all we seek is happiness …..