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Someday, someway, somehow, somewhere we all get into such circumstances in our life where we become so much in touched with someone, so much in love with someone, that just for a glance we are ready to sacrifice everything. We get so much agitated to even see that person, whether by peeking through the window pane, or by lens– zooming only towards the one. We use whatever we can just to see, if seeing is not possible then chat through IMs. We start to chat and talk everyday if possible. And if there’s no way out we get so much fed up that we start thinking that why should I be the one to start the conversation all the time, why should I take the initiative all the time, why don’t the one from other side ….. ?

A gap will be created in the relationship. And up to this point of time there had always been one way conversation. For one day, two days, three days ….a week there would be no conversation between them.
Making the point clear one who takes the initiative all the time is a boy as always and the other is a girl. The boy thinks that she is not interested towards him, and she is not of that type and starts to erase her memories. He’ll do whatever he can to forget her, and if he ever meets her on the way or on bus he won’t even talk to her as before. The processes continue for sometime… and at a point of time the girl asks the boy why are u so upset these days? U don’t even speak properly, Is there something wrong? .. and blah blah blah…
Now what else …. The boy forgets everything and starts to be like before. And from this point on, there starts a two way communication between them.

The step repeats as time passes……