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It’s not what isn’t, it’s what you wish was that makes unhappiness. The hole, the vacuum…I think I think too much. That’s why I drink – Janis Joplin.

To me: music is my life partner of all time. I listen to almost all kinds of music, but I’m attached the most with great 70′s. I don’t like the music of these days’s hip-hops, pop, n all other.

Whenever I get bored and unhappy I turn on my pc make the volume high and play some good rocking numbers and go for a long sleep. If I’m out somewhere, at work or at gathering I would stop speaking so that I can give some time for my unhappiness inside. I think too much. May be that’s the reason people can find what I’m feeling looking at my face.
I agree with what Joplin said about unhappiness. It’s only because what we’ve wanted, what we’ve wished for. When we don’t get what we had expected makes us unhappy. Expectations always demolish us. Don’t expect anything, do the doing and believe in happening. Happening is always different from expectations and doings, so stop expecting something. We are not sure to get 100% same as we had expected; there would be some frictional loss even if we get what we expected and sometimes just the opposite.

If you’ve loved someone truly you would expect the same in return. When it turns out the opposite you become unhappy, start thinking a lot, look at the past days, past conversations and get even more stressed. Some do even terrible things. I suggest you if you ever get into such circumstances then try to let it be; life goes on. There might be something and someone better for you. Don’t look back. “Go for the moon. If you don’t get it, you’ll still be heading for a star”. Don’t feel unhappy in your life ever; try to find the alternatives what makes you happy.